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Assignments will generally be posted on Tuesdays before midnight, and due the following Tuesday at 11:59PM, with some exceptions which will be announced in the assignment details. Each team member should complete a submission form as linked from the assignment page.

Late policy

Each individuals starts the quarter with 25hrs of late budget, expensed via:

  • late submission of the team’s assignment form when acting as Team Lead,
  • donation of budget to another member of the team (e.g. to the TL to prevent penalty on the team grade)

After exhausting the budget, assignments receive a 1% penalty for every additional hour late.

You may edit and resubmit forms as many times as you need. Graders use the latest content based on the latest TL submission, and late hours are deducted according to the last submission timestamp.

Regrade requests

Graders will occasionally (hopefully very rarely) make mistakes. If you feel that an assignment has been graded erroneously, you may submit a regrade request. The grader will confirm with you whether or not your grade will be changed, and we will track changes centrally to ensure grades are updated.

Grade updates on regrades may not be seen in MyUCLA for one or more weeks, since updating MyUCLA remains a manual process (they have no remote API!) and we do not re-upload all assignment grades frequently. We will do a final pass before computing final grades to ensure that all assignment grades are up-to-date.

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Page last modified: June 9, 2023.